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“Think Yourself Happy is such a powerful testament to how we can control our own happiness by training ourselves to think happily, not just in the moment, but to change our thought processes to find the clarity to pursue that which truly drives you.  #1 International best-selling author Greg Jacobson’s clear, positive writing not only inspires the reader to want to make these changes, but breaks them down into easily understood components that removes the barriers we set up to making these changes.  Think Yourself Happy should be on everyone’s reading list.”

Keith Ferrazzi, Author of the #1 NY Times Bestseller Who’s Got Your Back and Never Eat Alone

According to a 2013 Harris Poll, only one in three Americans could say they were “very happy,” and fewer people felt optimistic about the future than ever before.  Despite medications, counseling, food and other distractions, our happiness levels remain stubbornly low.  This must change!

In Think Yourself Happy, you will learn five simple changes in thinking that will make you immediately happier.  This proven, step-by-step process takes just a few minutes, and is based on decades of scientific research in Positive Psychology.


Because People Who Are Happy…

  • Earn more money

  • Are more enjoyable
    to be around

  • Learn faster and easier

  • Are more productive

  • Have stronger, longer lasting relationships.

  • Have improved health

  • Live longer

  • Are better and faster problem solvers

  • Are married longer and have lower divorce rates

  • Make fewer mistakes

  • Have a more positive attitude

  • Are more creative

  • Contribute more

  • Report greater life satisfaction

  • Are better team players


“Happy People, equals happy business!  Greg Jacobson shows you how to make it bigger, and gain more profits for your business.”

Jeffrey Hayzlett, Primetime TV & Podcast Host and Chairman of C-Suite Network

“Clear. Attainable. Indispensable.”

JOSEPH MCLENDON III, Neuropsychologist, Peak-performance Expert and best selling author of 'Get Happy Now!'

“Greg Jacobson shows you how to be happy – starting immediately.”

BRIAN TRACY, Author, Speaker and Consultant

“Preparation and hard work are critical, it starts with mental preparation and Greg Jacobson makes the process easy.”

COACH LOU HOLTZ, Sports Media Analyst, College Football Hall of Fame Legend, Speaker and (3x) New York Times Bestselling Author

“Greg Jacobson is absolutely correct when he says that ‘everyone deserves to be happy – and everyone has the opportunity any day, any moment, anytime.’  Seize the opportunity!  Follow his advice – you’ll be happy you did!”

HARVEY MACKAY, Author of the #1 New York Times Best Seller of 'Swim with the Sharks Without Being Eaten Alive'

“I loved the brilliant simplicity of this book.  Rooted in science, it still offers everyday wisdom.  From now on, all of my obstacles will be considered opportunities!”

JOHN BURKE, Two-Time Emmy Award Winning Host And Actor

“Greg wrote a book that is very inspiring for people who are interested in living a highly fulfilled life.”

NICK KHO, CEO & Co-Founder of Real Social Dynamics (RSD)

“Greg Jacobson’s uplifting and thoughtful book, Think Yourself Happy, is very congruent with my way of thinking and living.  I’ve used what I call pre-visualization for years now, setting my sights on lofty goals but also enjoying the many steps between here and the eventual summit.”

DR. SCOTT PARAZYNSKI, 5-Time Space Shuttle Astronaut, Everest Climber, Inventor

“Greg has an amazing way of empowering people to take immediate action and achieve extraordinary results.”

JASON GARY, Award-winning cinematographer

“When you learn the principles in this book, your entire life will change.  He is a great mentor!”

FORBES RILEY, Celebrity TV Host and Author - Sold over $2.5 Billion in products on TV

“Think Yourself Happy reveals refreshing yet simple ways to create happiness in your life!”

JENNIFER HAMMOND, SiriusXM Radio Talk Show Host

“In order to be well, you have to shift your mindset.  Greg Jacobson helps you learn to manage the stress & figure out how to be happy.”

DR VERONICA ANDERSON, Co-Author, of the New York Times Bestseller 'Chicken Soup for the Soul'® series and 'The Success Principles™'

“A sobering rendition of what truly constitutes happiness, with simple but profound steps to achieve and sustain it while focusing on the greater good.  A must read for every busy person.  It will transform your thinking. And your life!”

DR. BETTY URIBE, Executive VP California Bank & Trust

“Greg Jacobson has done a masterful job of outlining specific, actionable tools to allow people to create happiness regardless of circumstances.”

DARREN KAVINOKY, Attorney, TV Host and Founder of 1.800.NoCuffs

“Now here’s profound wisdom expressed plainly and eloquently. I just love this book, it’s brilliant.”

HOMAYOUN SADEGHI M.D., Author, ‘The Art of Healthy Living’

Greg Jacobson is an honest man. He is a rare person in these times, who sees the landscape around him clearly and communicates with both friends and business relationships without skew. He does a great job observing, understanding, evaluating and then making solid recommendations. There is no sugar-coating, nor hand holding. He’s a pro’s pro and I work with him every time the opportunity presents itself.”

RIC BACHRACH, Chief Executive Officer – Celebrity Focus, Inc.

“Greg has an amazing way of empowering people to take immediate action and achieve extraordinary results.”

DR. ICHAK ADIZES, Founder of The Adizes Institute

“The content is clear, concise and powerful.”

ALEX TUIRA, CEO of Ngākau Aroha Investments Ltd.

“Greg’s information isn’t a lecture, it’s like getting good advice from an intelligent friend.”

YULIA LUTCHYN, Microsoft Consumer Behavior Researcher

“I appreciate that the information isn’t ‘turn your frown upside down’ type of advice, and is based on decades of Positive Psychology research.”

DAVE ALBIN, CEO Firewalk Adventures

“If there is one book you are going to get this year, this decade, or this lifetime, do yourself a favor and get this book, it will change your life! I’ve found it’s changed me and the people I’m talking to about it, it’s changed them too.”

BILL HORAN, Secrets of Success Radio Host

“Sometimes, it’s the simplest things that can make the biggest difference in our lives.
Think Yourself Happy is a great little read to help you learn how to achieve happiness.”

TOM HOPKINS, Master Sales Trainer & Author of 'The Official Guide to Success and When Buyers Say No'

“This book contains all the basic essentials for how to create more happiness in your life.”

JACK CANFIELD, Co-Author, of the New York Times Bestseller 'Chicken Soup for the Soul'® series and 'The Success Principles™'

“Happiness is not a random occurrence.  Planned, focused and consistent thinking is what makes it happen and that thinking does not falter under varying external conditions.  The foundations necessary to make happiness your daily experience are found in this book.”

BOB KAEHLER, Three-time Olympian and Four-time World Champion Rower
International bestselling author, speaker, corporate trainer, executive mentor, and business adviser Greg Jacobson has packed more into one lifetime than most people. Specializing in employee engagement through emotional intelligence and relationship building, he has also founded, operated, and sold multi-million dollar businesses, directed and produced an award-winning documentary, and sits on several boards of directors and advisory boards. But it wasn’t always easy. He personally went from borrowing monthly on credit cards just to stay afloat, to a company worth over 100 million dollars.
And then Greg discovered the real secret of success: How to happily achieve. He went from working 100+ hour, crazy-productive workweeks to taking a 10-year sabbatical, spending priceless time with his family and friends, traveling around the world several times, and developing a powerful focus on growing and contributing to others.
Today, Greg combines his background in business strategies and peak performance training, with his insights on happily achieving to help companies dramatically improve their morale, culture, and bottom line. His proven, turnkey strategies show both employees and CEOs how to be happier and more fulfilled in their personal and professional lives, and how to create more free time to have fun with their family and friends.
It’s not just what you know, but who you know, who knows you, and who they know. Greg Jacobson teaches the secrets of connecting and aligning with anyone, including the influencers of your audience!
Greg has taught hundreds of organizations and highperforming individuals to achieve more, meet objectives faster, and become better team players using emotional intelligence and deep-dive relationship building.
As a highly sought-after speaker, trainer, and consultant, Greg’s experience and unique skill sets have realized stellar results for governments, non-profits, and some of the largest companies in the world.

“Being happy doesn’t make winners lose their edge, it sharpens it!”

Greg Jacobson, Author #1 International Best Seller

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